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Samus Aran returns in an all new Metroid adventure. This is the game that all Metroid fans have been waiting for since the last Metroid game was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. As we all know Metroid has been a popular series ever since the first game was created back in 1986. Hopefully, this game will live up to its predecessors and be worthy of the Metroid name. Will this revived game blast it's way to victory or be a total failure for the Metroid series? Come join us as The Laser takes a look at Metroid Fusion.

Nintendo has finally revived the Metroid franchise with a new addition, Metroid Fusion. The game's story line starts from where the last one left off. Once again, you play the bounty hunter Samus Aran. You have been sent to the planet SR388, former home of the Metroids, by the Federation to help Biologic Space Labs observe the restructuring of the ecosystem. On SR388, you discover an organism never seen before. This organism turns out to be Parasite X, the only known sole prey of Metroids. This parasite infects other creatures and can mimic them as well. Anyways you're infected and almost die, but a vaccine made from a Metroid cells culture saves you. So from here the real story begins. In the operation to save your life your Power Suit had to be cut-off since it contained biological components and had integrated with your body. Without your suit many of your abilities are taken away, but with the Metroid vaccine you are immune to the X parasite. Being immune will later help you in the game. This adds a unique twist to the story and game play.

With a mysterious story comes great music. The spooky, dark music perfectly fits the setting and feeling of this game. Without it the game play would not be fun and interesting. There are also good sound effects for the weapons. However, these may become tedious and repetitive. The game play makes up for this though with ability upgrades, new weapons, and numerous places to explore. Exploring levels is a critical component to this game as you will not always be able to stay on the viewable map and will have to find other hidden pathways. This is a downfall for the game play since you will have to back track or search around for a while in each level.

Earlier in the review it was pointed out that being immune to the X parasite would be vital to progressing further into the game. This is true since the X parasite can by absorbed by Samus and used to replenish her health and ammo. Once a boss is beaten a Core-X parasite will appear. These parasites will give Samus certain abilities back such as the famous morph ball and hi-jump. Beating these bosses will require speed, skill, and patience. This is where the controls will become harder. With only four buttons besides the select and start button the Game Boy Advance forces you to do combinations to do certain things in Metroid Fusion. This will make the game play and controls frustrating at difficult times when precise movements will be needed.

Other great features of Metroid Fusion include its capability to connect to the Nintendo Game Cube with Metroid Prime. Doing so will allow the player in Metroid Prime to play with the Metroid Fusion suit. Hardcore gamers and Metroid enthusiasts will greatly appreciate things such as this. Mild violence makes this game perfect for all ages. Kids will enjoy the arcade style 2D side scroller while adults may be attracted to the story line and plot. All in all this game will have something for all types of gamers. Depending on the player's skill level this game should provide 5-10 hours of game play. This may differ according to different skill levels. The controls will take some time getting used to, but are easy to use once learned. With the Game Boy Advance's small design it may be harder for people with larger hands to easily perform multi-button tasks and combinations. There is no multi-player link up capabilities for Metroid Fusion, but this game is really meant to be a single player RPG.

The only flaws that will be noticed are the controls and the long text displays that tell the story. The controls can be easily learned, but the story displays can not be skipped and will take a while to go through. They do not seem to long at first, but will halt the action and fun. Some players may have extreme difficulty trying to find the hidden pathways and passages. This may frustrate and bore some people, but most people should be able to find their way through the game with ease. I would highly recommend buying this game if you're a Metroid fan, Game Boy Advance owner, or even a Metroid Prime owner so that you will be able to see and enjoy all that this game has to offer. Decent graphics, wonderful game play, and an intriguing story will make many gamers take a look into this game. This is definitely not a new type of game for the GBA being a 2D side scroller, but it has come from a respected and highly praised franchise. So in the end Nintendo has designed and produced a game that will be enjoyed by all and that is worthy to be part of the Metroid series.

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